Phenxx (fen-x)

Phenxx is a female-first design company that redesigns products and solutions through a feminine-first perspective to design specifically for the needs and desires of people with XX chromosomes. 

Phenxx prioritises womb health (and connected symptoms) as central foundations to freedom, vitality, and pleasurable living.

We fuse love, science and technology to develop products, tools and content from a womb-need and female first perspective.  

Our Commitments

Without Boundaries

Everything developed and invented by Phenxx positively aids those with XX chromosomes to gain more peace of mind, comfort, ease and harmony during any time of their natural cycles and desires. To create better options for women, those who menstruate, birth and those transitioning through menopause and beyond.

Funding Health Research

1% of our profits are donated to fund scientific research and technology solution development into uterine health via our accredited partner laboratories and research hubs in gynepathology in Australia and the US. We do our part by using non-harmful, compostable packaging and materials. All of our ingredients are naturally sourced.

Community Orientated

We see a world where there is welcome conversation about the magic of having XX chromosomes and that natural, bespoke options that support womb needs are championed and commonplace. Female-first products should positively aid the environment and leave a better world than we inherited. Return to nature's principles.

From our Founder

Phenxx ascended. Born from an intuitive calling to not settle for solutions, ideas, restrictions, and old womb-related rhetoric that had gone before. 

Created from experience: My personal journey of unlearning limiting messages I was fed as well as pain while I witnessed women struggle with their own bodies and cycles, was at odds with my innate beliefs of trusting in our bodies and the womb’s healing wisdom and intelligence. Through travel, I discovered that women's stories are not unique but actually a mirror of universal stories and feelings. 

With love, I hope to share and build on this learning through genuine, heartfelt products and content that bring this to light. It’s an invitation to reconsider what’s accepted. It's a call to arms to demand more for ourselves. It is time for women to be free.

Hear from Phenxx Founder and CEO, Kait Tregenza

The magic of having XX chromosomes.

“Unabashed by the taboo and living with nature’s truth of a menstruating planet, this is an invitation to reconsider what’s accepted.”


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