A man in awe...

A man in awe...

The Phenxx man supports the woman in his life. 

He is in awe of her raw trueness in every aspect of her life. She shows up to life with earnest genuine desire to be herself at all times. He loves that courage and takes it as inspiration for himself to live a more awakened and real authentic life. 

Yes, of course she is flawed, but he sees her as both completely human and superhuman. He knows just how strong and loving she is and he wants to honour and respect that. He might not always understand what it is that she is going through but he wants to and he listens.  He is doing his best.

Her body is perfect and beautiful to him, every day of the month and every day of her life. He sees her in a way she will never see herself and he tries to show her that when they make love, when he takes care of her, when she has cramps or has pain, or when she has his child. 

He wants her to know that when her skin sags, when her wrinkles deepen, when she is irritable from the unbearable heat surging through her body, he will still see her with awe. With admiration and be grateful for all that body has given him over their years together. He will be sorry that he cannot take that load from her. He feels the incredible inequality of all she has had to endure over the years, the chapters of their lives together, quite marked through her body transformations. 

He can do so little and she seems to be able to go through these big body changes with grace and somehow she keeps growing and rising, taking it all in her stride. 

He wonders, "Does she know how amazing she is?"

Does he know how to show her? Tell her? Experience her? He wants to honour and love her without the encumbrances of the outside world. 

To be totally hers, and her totally his.


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