Earth Priestess, a poem

Earth Priestess, a poem

She emerged regally from a distance and brought with her a backdrop so beautiful and peaceful. I arrived at a place with her with a crystal waterfall, with a stream cascading downwards, with rainforest surrounding it. She emerged wearing colours of emerald green, deep jade, deep brown of the earth and smelling of fresh rain as it moistened the earth in the early morning. Her beauty is palpable and calming. She wore wings of an owl, on a headdress upon her head of long brown hair, and she was constantly changing form, revealing different elements of the animals and earth formations. 

I felt her send vines from large grandmother trees down through my heart, down my spine, from the opening of my yoni and into the earth. She sent two more from my head down my body and down my legs through the soles of my feet down into the earth. Through these vines she sent the joy of being in human form, on earth. I saw myself full of this joy dancing on the grass in a beautiful meadow, frolicking and dancing. I was so happy to be here. 

I felt the fear that I had of being connected to this earth arise: I didn’t want to be trapped here. I was fearful of being caught even longer. I felt a part of my being say “If we connect, how will we ever get home? We will stay here forever!” 

The earth priestess started to explain something that changed so much for me. She said, “You are human, this is where you are. But even when you are not human, you are still connected to others through red threads, attracting you towards one another because you love each other and have purpose with each other. These threads being souls in and out of your journey here and in other places too, it is law.

"Just then as you move towards love with other souls, so to do you with the earth. The gravitational pull is just a thread, connecting you to the earth and your connection with it. Your thread to the earth is your strongest and most ever present relationship in this realm. It is impossible to be disconnected from the earth, for gravity keeps you connected. It keeps you connected to a vastly potent relationship counterpart, one that you could spend centuries or millennia in developing an understanding of and still fall short of true depth of knowing. This is a relationship that many reject but gain no advantage from ignoring.”

She showed me jumping through the air and landing on the earth. And said, “Whether you land hard with a bang, or softly as if one with the land, you still are brought back by the connection thread to the earth. So your choice is yours, connect with grace and learn what you can about your deep connection here or ignore and suffer the plight of disconnection”

I gave indication through thought that connection was desired. 

I saw myself being transported to the place where we started with the waterfall and the rainforest. Mountains all around. Birds singing and fish swimming. I saw beautiful but peaceful wildlife. I started feeling and seeing the trees in a new way, the rocks, the earth, the plants and flowers, the moss, the algae, the insects, animals and the crystals  were all so alive. It was buzzing with life. 

She said to me, “You are so scared of being inundated with the noise of the world that you fight your connection with the trees, the earth and the other beings, but it is here that you find silence.” And all of a sudden the noise and the cacophony of the rainforest ceased and the silence was overwhelming. Everything just stopped.

Then the trees gave a simple acknowledgement to me. Then the stream. Then one by one, and not all at once, they acknowledged and welcomed me home. I didn’t understand why they said home? 

At the thought entered my mind, it transformed me into a flower fairy. I had red auburn hair and deep connection with the earth. I became a connected elemental. I felt the flood of memories, of deeper knowing,and this connection to deep earth wisdom rush through me and I absorbed it and allowed it to breeze through me. 

I retuned to the Earth Priestess and thanked her for bringing me here, to another aspect of me, connected and returned to the earth.  


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