Does the Phenxx Cooling Canvas actually cool me?

Does the Phenxx Cooling Canvas actually cool me?

Phenxx Cooling Canvas® designed our Canvas to both create a cool surface and keep that surface thermoregulated so you, the sleeper, remain cool through the night. It is this combination of having a cool to touch surface and constant thermoregulation over the night that makes the difference for women who are hot in bed!

So how does it work?

We use two main heros to achieve this. Firstly, AntiFlush™ fibres and secondly  Tencel™ (Lyocell) fibres. We weave them in such a way that both these superheros can bring their best attributes to sleep without combatting or eroding the other - you know, how when women work together they are absolutely unstoppable? Well, it is the same for this duo as well. All other fibres used, or in other words, our Cooling Threads™ fibres only act to support these two heroes in action.

Phenxx AntiFlush™ fibres absorbs heat quickly which makes it pleasantly cool to touch. Compared to other materials Phenxx AntiFlush™ fibres are strong and resistant to wear, making them very durable, smooth and comfortable.

We couple this with Tencel™ (Lyocell) made from sustainably sourced wood, primarily eucalyptus, which grows quickly without the need for extensive irrigation or pesticides. The production process for Tencel™ is also eco-friendly, using a closed-loop system that recycles water and solvents, minimising environmental impact. Tencel™ fibres have a natural ability to regulate moisture, keeping the body cool and dry.

Its natural breathability promotes air circulation, preventing overheating and ensuring a comfortable sleep experience. Its soft and breathable nature makes it ideal for hot sleepers. Strong and durable, Tencel™ fibres ensure bedding made from this material lasts a long time. Tencel™ fibres are round, smooth and friction free making them ideal for sensitive skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and contact dermatitis.

Tencel™ fibres are very efficient at absorbing moisture and wicking it away from the body, keeping the skin dry and comfortable throughout the night. The fibres are naturally smooth, creating a luxuriously silky-smooth fabric that drapes beautifully and feels gentle against the skin. Furthermore, the nature of the fibres is ideal for reducing static buildup. Tencel™ has natural antibacterial properties, inhibiting the growth of bacteria and ensuring a hygienic sleep surface and with our XX Antibac™ Technology added in addition, 99.99% of microbes and dustmites are destroyed keeping the sleeper's skin safe and fresh.

The combination of AntiFlush™ Technology and Tencel™ means that the sleep surface is Cool to the Touch and the thermoregulation during the night are both achieved to the best possible degree.


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