How does the Phenxx Cooling Pillow cool? What's the science?

How does the Phenxx Cooling Pillow cool? What's the science?

The Thermocool™ pillow works because of the Reactex® technology, a proprietary chemistry and patented cooling process which is a type of Phase Change Material (PCM). A PCM is an innovative substance which can absorb or release large amounts of 'latent' heat when they go through a change in their physical state, i.e. from solid to liquid and vice versa. 

This next generation climate control is a pressure activated gradient system that continuously controls the transfer of energy (heat) away from your body into continuous comfort and all day and night cooling, which will recharge and support deeper sleep. The chemistry of this regenerative cooling technology is proprietary and the processes are patented.

The Thermocool™ Pillow is really unique on the market because it uses more than the standard amount of PCM compared to other cooling products. You can find this technology on both the cover of the Thermocool™ pillow and inside in the memory foam of the Thermocool™ pillow meaning it can pull more latent heat that the average cooling pillow on the market, making it perfect for women with hot flushes or larger amounts of latent heat. It also works really quickly, usually it is fully activated after only 8 seconds. The Reactex® technology constantly regenerates itself and your body by using body heat. Heat builds up in each layer and ‘spills’ over into the next larger, layer with increasing levels of Reactex®. It's the energy shift that allows the technology to continuously offer the perfect comfort throughout the night. 

Independent lab testing shows that during a cooling capacity comparison test Reactex® pillows perform between 25–40 times cooler than all the other standard pillows without Reactex®.


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