Marble Bar Locals Help Promote Cooling Bed Products for Women Experiencing Menopuase.

Marble Bar Locals Help Promote Cooling Bed Products for Women Experiencing Menopuase.

Women from Australia’s hottest town have starred in a new campaign by an Australian “wellness” company promoting their cooling bedding products for people experiencing symptoms of menopause.

The ‘Australia’s Hottest Woman’ campaign was launched in Marble Bar by Phenxx and aims at focuses on the stories of women living in the scorching hot town and their struggles with hot flushes and night sweats.

Phenxx founder and chief executive Kait Tregenza said she chose to launch the campaign in Marble Bar at the height of summer for an authentic experience.

“At some point, we had to assemble this billboard and we literally couldn’t touch it, we couldn’t even hold the unit because of the metal elements - so we pulled out a thermometer and it was 52 degrees,” she said.

“We all suffered heatstroke... the footage was filmed before 8am and we were so red in the face and sweating but it was amazing. I’m so glad we didn’t fake it because it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

The cooling bedding products were created after Ms Tregenza’s personal experiences and discovering there were limited bedding options for people transitioning through menopause.

The latest campaign aims to break the taboo by opening up conversations about menopause and has since been chosen to showcase at this year’s Sydney Film Festival.

“Every single person that comes to the Sydney Film Festival, which is estimated to be three million people this year, has an opportunity to sit and watch this film and to feel the stories and see the imagery of what it actually looks like to live in the Pilbara, what it looks like to live in Marble Bar,” she said.

“To experience that and to put themselves in those women’s shoes for a moment is all we can really ask of anyone who is trying to understand menopause... and that’s what creates change.

“That’s what gives women more courage and more bravery to keep using their voice and to keep telling their story, because if you tell your story and there’s no positive benefit that comes from it, it’s really easy to be quiet.

“But if you see value and you see change, you’re going to keep telling your story and that’s what we’re about.” 


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