Stay Cool and Comfortable: How a Cooling Mattress Protector Can Transform Your Bedtime Routine

Stay Cool and Comfortable: How a Cooling Mattress Protector Can Transform Your Bedtime Routine

If you're tired of tossing and turning at night, struggling to find a cool and comfortable spot on your mattress, then it's time to discover the transformative power of a cooling mattress protector. Phenxx's innovative bedding accessory, the Cooling Canvas, is designed to regulate your body temperature, ensuring a blissful night's sleep, no matter the season, no matter your cycle.

With its advanced AntiFlush™ cooling technology, our cooling mattress protector the Cooling Canvas is woven with our proprietary Cooling Threads™ and helps to dissipate excess heat and moisture, keeping you cool and dry throughout the night. No more waking up in a pool of sweat or feeling hot and sticky under the covers. Say goodbye to those uncomfortable, restless nights and hello to deep, rejuvenating sleep.

Not only does a cooling mattress protector enhance your sleep quality, but it also protects your mattress from stains, spills, and allergens. It acts as a barrier, preventing dust mites and other irritants from penetrating your bed, keeping it fresh, clean, and hygienic.

Upgrade your bedtime routine and transform your sleep experience with Phenxx’s Cooling Canvas, our cooling mattress protector made for women who are hot in bed. 

Say hello to cool and comfortable nights and wake up refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to face the day.

What is a cooling mattress protector?

Sleep is essential for our overall well-being. It is during sleep that our bodies repair and rejuvenate, ensuring we wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. However, achieving a good night's sleep can be challenging, especially if you struggle with temperature regulation, hot flushes or night sweats caused by perimenopause, menopause or postpartum hormonal fluctuations. 

Women going through massive hormonal shifts due to these major life transitions, such as birth, menopause or  menstruation- well, we sleep hot, and no one has come up with a solution. Until now.

Why are Perimenopausal and Menopausal women hot in bed?

During peri/menopause, there is a significant decline in oestrogen levels. This hormonal shift can lead to hot flashes, which are sudden feelings of an overwhelming heat rising seemingly spontaneously in the body, often accompanied by profuse sweating. Hot flashes can occur during the day or disrupt sleep at night and cannot be controlled, predicted or easily avoided. This drop in oestrogen is what causes the sleeping to be hot.

Why are Postpartum women hot in bed?

Similarly, a significant drop in oestrogen is experienced by postpartum women and breastfeeding mothers. When oestrogen is low, the heat is felt. Postpartum women may experience feelings of heat or increased body temperature for several reasons, many of which are related to hormonal changes and the body's response to the recent pregnancy and childbirth. The main factors that contribute to the sensation of feeling hot in postpartum women are hormonal fluctuations. 

After childbirth, there is a rapid decrease in hormones such as oestrogen and progesterone, which were elevated during pregnancy. These hormonal changes can affect the body's thermoregulation and may lead to feelings of warmth or hot flashes. Many women after birth may experience a higher body temperature and experience increased sweating as a way for the body to release excess fluids after pregnancy. 

Breastfeeding can also contribute to the sensation of heat in postpartum women. Hormones like oxytocin, which are released during breastfeeding, may cause vasodilation (expansion of blood vessels), leading to an increase in body temperature. Especially for mothers of newborns when feeding is happening every 2-3 hours, the feeling of heat in the body is likely to be felt all day long.

When breastfeeding, the energy demands associated with breastfeeding and recovering from labor may result in an increased metabolic rate, potentially leading to a feeling of warmth in the body.

Blood volume increases during pregnancy, and while some of the excess blood is lost during childbirth, there may still be an elevated blood flow to various organs and tissues. This increased blood circulation can contribute to a sense of overheating in the postpartum woman. 

Why are Menstruating women hot in bed?

A woman's menstrual cycle is regulated by a complex interplay of hormones, and fluctuations in these hormones can lead to various physical and emotional changes throughout the cycle. Feeling hot or experiencing changes in body temperature is one of the symptoms that can occur at different stages of the menstrual cycle. Here's a detailed explanation:

  1. **Follicular Phase (Days 1-14):**

   - **Oestrogen Rise:** The menstrual cycle begins with the first day of menstruation. During the follicular phase, which occurs before ovulation, oestrogen levels gradually rise. This increase in oestrogen can have a thermogenic (heat-producing) effect, potentially leading to a slight rise in body temperature. Some women may feel warmer during this phase.

  1. **Ovulation (Around Day 14):**

   - **Luteinising Hormone (LH) Surge:** Ovulation is the release of a mature egg from the ovary. Around this time, there is a surge in LH, triggering the release of the egg. Some women may experience a very subtle increase in body temperature due to this hormonal surge.

  1. **Luteal Phase (Days 15-28):**

   - **Progesterone Dominance:** After ovulation, the ruptured follicle transforms into a structure called the corpus luteum, which produces progesterone. Progesterone is known to have a thermogenic effect, leading to a slightly higher body temperature during this phase. This increase is often referred to as the "luteal phase temperature shift."

   - **Basal Body Temperature (BBT) Rise:** Some women track their basal body temperature as a way to monitor their menstrual cycle. BBT tends to rise slightly after ovulation due to increased progesterone levels, providing a sign of potential fertility.

   - **Premenstrual Phase:** In the days leading up to menstruation, hormonal levels, including oestrogen and progesterone, start to decline. Some women may experience increased sensitivity to temperature changes and might feel warmer or experience hot flashes as a result.

  1. **Menstruation (Days 1-7, on average):**

   - **Hormone Reset:** With the start of menstruation, hormone levels are at their lowest. Some women may experience a temporary decrease in body temperature during this phase.

Feeling hot during the menstrual cycle is typically a normal variation, but if the symptoms are severe, persistent, or accompanied by other concerning signs, it's advisable for women to consult with a healthcare provider for a thorough evaluation. Additionally, if a woman is using hormonal contraception or has irregular cycles, her hormonal patterns may differ.

Benefits of using a cooling mattress protector

Phenxx’s Cooling Canvas, our cooling mattress protector, is a specially designed bedding accessory for women who are hot in bed, that helps regulate body temperature while you sleep. It is made from innovative AntiFlush™ Technology and woven with Cooling Threads™ that have cooling properties, such as cooling fabrics, which are cool to the touch, breathable fabrics and moisture-wicking technology.

Unlike traditional mattress protectors, which mainly focus on protecting your mattress from spills and stains, a cooling mattress protector goes a step further by actively working to keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night.

How does a cooling mattress protector work?

Using Phenxx’s Cooling Canvas ® cooling mattress protector offers a range of benefits that can greatly enhance your sleep experience. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Temperature Regulation: The primary benefit of a cooling mattress protector is its ability to regulate your body temperature. By dissipating excess heat and moisture, it keeps you cool and dry, allowing for a more restful and uninterrupted sleep.
  2. Enhanced Sleep Quality: When you're able to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night, you're more likely to achieve deeper, more restorative sleep. This can lead to improved mood, increased energy levels, and enhanced cognitive function.
  3. Allergen Protection: Phenxx’s Cooling Canvas ® cooling mattress protector has a natural antibacterial layer that acts as a barrier, preventing 99.99% of dust mites, microbes, bacteria, fungus, mould, allergens, and other irritants from penetrating your mattress or skin. Our XX Anti-bac™ Technology is not a chemical treatment, rather it is a naturally recurring mechanical system that cannot wash out or be used up, meaning that it will last the entire life of your Canvas. The XX Anti-bac™ kills and destroys 99.99% of any introduced microbe on contact. This alleviates allergy symptoms and create a healthier sleep environment. That is why the Cooling Canvas has been endorsed by the Asthma Foundation (Sensitive Skin Foundation) and the Eczema Foundation in Australia.
  4. Mattress Protection: In addition to its cooling properties, Phenxx’s Cooling Canvas ®  cooling mattress protector also serves as a protective layer for your mattress. It guards against spills, stains, feminine concerns and everyday wear and tear, extending the lifespan of your mattress.

How to care for and maintain your cooling mattress protector

To ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your Phenxx’s Cooling Canvas ® cooling mattress protector, it's important to follow proper care and maintenance guidelines. Here are some tips to help you care for your cooling mattress protector:

  1. Regular Cleaning: It is recommended to clean your cooling mattress protector at least once every 1-3 months or as needed. Our specific recommendations are to wash on  a warm wash with linen or towels at around 60 degrees C or 140 degrees F. 
  2. Machine Washing: Use a gentle or regular cycle with mild detergent, and don't use bleach or harsh chemicals. Air drying in the shade is the ideal or when absolutely necessary using a low heat setting in the dryer is typically recommended. Avoid drying with heat to ensure a longer life for the product.
  3. Spot Cleaning: In the event of spills or stains, spot clean the affected area immediately using a mild detergent and a clean cloth. Avoid scrubbing vigorously, as this can damage the cooling properties of the protector.
  4. Regular Inspection: Inspect your cooling mattress protector regularly for any signs of wear and tear. If you notice any rips, tears, or damage, consider replacing it to ensure continued protection and effectiveness.

Additional tips for staying cool and comfortable during sleep

In addition to using your Phenxx’s Cooling Canvas ® cooling mattress protector, there are several other tips you can incorporate into your bedtime routine to help you stay cool and comfortable during sleep. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Optimal Room Temperature: Set your bedroom thermostat to a cooler temperature, preferably between 11 and 17 degrees C or 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit, to create a conducive sleep environment.
  2. Breathable Bedding: Choose breathable and lightweight bedding materials, such as cotton or linen, that promote airflow and allow for better temperature regulation.
  3. Use Fans or Air Circulation: Utilise fans or open windows to improve air circulation in your bedroom and promote a cooler sleep environment.
  4. Cooling Pillows: Consider upgrading your cooling bedding supports with Phenxx’s Thermocool cooling pillow in addition to Phenxx’s Cooling Canvas ® cooling mattress protector and cooling pillow protector. These pillows are designed to offer enhanced breathability and temperature regulation for your head and neck all the way to your toes.

Testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers

"Ever since I started using Phenxx’s cooling mattress protector, my sleep has improved dramatically. I used to wake up in the middle of the night feeling hot and uncomfortable, but now I stay cool and dry throughout the night. It's been a game-changer for me!" - Sarah T.

"I suffer from allergies, and the cooling mattress protector has made a world of difference for me. Not only does it keep me cool, but it also totally kills the dust mites and other allergens I used to suffer from. I wake up feeling refreshed and allergy-free!" - Julie M.


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