The Evoke oil: An alchemical creation for evoking life

The Evoke oil: An alchemical creation for evoking life

Today we sit down with one of the creators of the Evoke Intimacy Oil. We wanted to tell you a little bit about how we created the oil, what it all means, why we do it and where in essence we develop it from. Please send any further questions to us to answer! 

How did Phenxx create the recipe?

Creating the Evoke Intimacy Oil was a process that came from a place within me where I wanted women to be able to drop into their sensuality regardless of what point in their life they were experiencing. I wanted them to be able to access their passion, their love, their arousal, their natural state of being. And for me, I knew that experiencing certain oils such as the Blue Lotus oil, I had had that experience for myself and I knew that that was a really potent oil and just the properties of it alone were enough to invoke those senses within your being. So then including the other oils that also came in, it was literally a feeling that I was searching for. I was searching for a specific feeling and I knew the oils, I knew the plants that would bring about that.

When it comes to plants, it is a passion of mine to work with herbs and plants, I've always been connected in that way. When I work with the plants, I feel them. I don't just know everything in my mind about what they do or what properties they have or what chemical constituents they hold, although all of that I know as well. But for me, it's more about having that intimate relationship with the plants. I feel them, I connect with them, I know them, I go deeper with them. I explore them within my own being. I ingest them and connect with them while I am experiencing those moments with them I do go deeper with the plants. And in that, I get an exchange or a knowing, a wisdom that they share with me because we have that relationship. 

How is that different to just putting ingredients in a bottle and making an oil? 

It's different in the sense that you're not making it from your mind. It's not a creation that you have put together because you know something, because you've read something or you've watched a webinar or a documentary or you have read a book. It's more about feeling and receiving the intimate codes that that plant has to share, like getting to know that plant on an intimate level and just feeling what it has to offer us as an individual being. that, the connection is not only more intimate, but it's also about experiencing every layer of what that plant has to offer. 

As people, we're all individual. We all have our own expressions of who we are. When it comes to plants, they have the exact same experience with us. You can have two of the exact same plants, but they can be completely different in the properties that they offer just because one grew at that part of the world, and one grew in this location, one grew around, you know, in a natural environment, one was surrounded with sprays and chemicals. Every plant has its own story to tell, and connecting with them on that level, and receiving those stories, that information, will always take it deeper. 

How does that translate for the user? Because maybe they don't understand the process and the care and the love that we've put into buying our oil compared to buying somebody else's oil, what is the experience that they're likely to receive?

Good question.

That's a really unique question because it's a hard one to answer because it really depends on the person that's using the product. For example, whether the person buying the product is also the person using the product, there will be difference just in that alone. Buying it for yourself, perhaps there was a natural pull or affinity to what we are doing and why, and that relationship is built in the buying process. Being gifted it, you might not be aware of the background so it is going to work on a more unconscious level. But no matter what, the user is going to feel the difference. They may not be aware of it as they're consciously using it. However, on some level, they're going to know that it's different. They're going to feel different, their intimacy might change, their body language, the way that they experience the oil could be very different to something that they buy through a different supplier. That mostly comes down to the way we combine the ingredients, but also the way we grow, harvest, treat and use the plants. The biggest difference is the spygrics and what that can do for the user experience. It is another level of alchemy rarely if ever seen.

Tell us about the spygrics are a completely different way of interacting with plants and herbs. 

When we take a spygrics formula, the way that they're made, the way that they are alchemized in the production is such a different experience. So when we extract the medicine from the plants, from the plant matter itself goes through a whole other process. So the plant matter is completely separated, stripped back, and torn back to its rawest form that it can be, and then it is put back together and then placed back into the ethanol solution. And that happens through a process of burning it down with fire, with distilling it in purified water, with bringing it back to its crystal earth form, and then by bringing the essence of that part of the plant back into the bottle. So essentially, you're pulling the plant apart and putting it back together. And in doing that process, in taking it, that's an alchemical process that takes events, that takes hold. So during that process, that comes down to the plant itself being pulled apart and put back together. So then when you ingest that plant, the same can happen to you. You're pulled apart and put back together, but in a sense you're taking a healing journey with it. So you can go really deep with spygrics. They can take you so deep. You'll feel this in your being. It's such a different experience to a normal herbal plant, tincture. And you don't need as much. So it's much more sustainable for the plant and much more sustainable for you. To feel an effect, you only need a small amount to feel an enhanced effect.

When we are talking about spygrics and being pulled apart and being put back together, that is such a similar process to a woman going through menopause. We can make many parallels on those two points.When we're going through any process in life, whether it's a hormonal one or whether it's just an emotional process, it could be simply like an ending or a beginning at any phase within our lives. So menopause is specifically an ending and a new beginning. It's not just about losing a part of your cycle, losing a part of yourself. It's about beginning a whole new journey through your life, a whole new phase of your life. And in that, you're pulled apart and put back together. Spiritually, it'sa  really complementary process that we're going in through life, any kind of change, whether it's birth, whether it's menopause, whether it's a new job, a new relationship, whether it's a breakup. Spiritually, it supports us because any process, and you cannot be in this world and of this earth without having emotional processes. It's a part of who we are. It's a part of our lives. It's a part of why we're here. Spagyrics are here to support that. 

All plants are here to support that.

That's why they're here. They've been here a lot longer than us. They've learned how to survive on this planet a lot better than what we have, and they're here to support us through it.

So during menopause, it's a transition, it's a different phase of your life. So you're being pulled apart and put back together, but in that process it's about leaving behind the previous stage of your life. Whether you're leaving behind the part of you that was a maiden, whether you're leaving behind the part of you that was a mother, whether you're just leaving behind a part of you that was a woman, and you're moving into a greater development stage of being a woman, it doesn't really matter what you're going through or what you're moving through. It's about letting go. You're pulling apart all of these pieces. You're going through a transition. And for so many women, as they're going through this transition in their life, they're raising daughters, they're raising children, they're raising teenagers, they're raising children, they're raising young adults. At the same time, they're watching their children go through a different phase in their life, and then they too are moving through a new phase in their own life. 

And that can be really challenging for a lot of women to watch this process and to watch them change into a different part and a different way of being. But what's really important to remember is that the part that you're moving into, the phase of life that you are moving into, is so valid, so important, and so special. And I feel like in society these days, a lot of women find menopause quite degrading or upsetting, or just challenging in the sense it's like, oh no, I'm losing who I am as a woman. And that is the complete opposite. You're gaining who you are as a woman. You're gaining more wisdom, more knowledge. You're gaining a whole new way of being which is so magical, so special, and so incredibly beautiful. You're stepping into the best part of your human journey. 

It's about how you feel inside, within yourself. It's about how you connect to your own being as a woman in yourself and in your own body.

You can still be yourself at any age, at any hormonal level, but we have to realise that those hormones change how you see yourself, how you feel within yourself, how you feel in your sexuality and sensuality. And if the whole world bands together to tell you that only young girls are beautiful and the experiences of menopausal women is that they are not beautiful or wanted or considered at all, then all throughout menopause if you let them in, you will take those thoughts on. Then those thoughts will become your reality and then that reality will become engrained as truth, and hard to shift.  And because there's so many myths around this in our society, I think that we play on that a lot. I think that we really hide in those shadows, and we feel that menopause is going to take our power away when in fact it's actually the complete opposite.

It is so important for menopausal women to claim back their sexuality and their sensuality because having sexuality and sensuality at any stage of your adult life is literally what keeps us alive. Sexual energy that we move through our body is life-giving energy. It's feeding our life source. It's literally our sexual energy is our life force energy. And it's what keeps us alive, it's what gives us that youthful appearance, it's what makes us feel like we are in our bodies, that we're connected to ourselves.

It is not about sex. It is not about intercourse. No. This is about something so much more than that.

Sexual energy is one of the most powerful energies that exists throughout humanity, for men and women. And keeping that sexual energy alive within your own being, this is the source of your true power. This is your confidence, this is your love for yourself, this is your love for life, this is your joy, this is your zest. And sexual energy shouldn't die just because your cycle does.

This is the essence of your being. This is who you are. This is your sexual energy. This is everything about you. For you to go within and find everything that you're looking for inside your being, instead of looking out there in your relationships, in your shopping, in your busyness, in your careers, find it inside of yourselves. That's where your power lies. That's where everything is. And you have this in you, and you can do this. 

That your sense of self, your sexual being, your entire essence of who you are comes from within. It comes from your womb space. It comes from your heart. It comes from your body. As a woman, our most natural way of being is in our body. We are connected to the earth. 

We have extra meridians between our heart and our womb that don't exist in the man's body. This is unique to women only. Connecting to this channel through your heart, your womb, the earth, and just breathing your breath through that channel is what is going to bring life force back into your body. You can have this. You can have that deep connection to yourself. It's already there. You just have to reclaim it. 

We're women. We feel. It's okay to feel, and it's okay to also have inner peace and to feel okay. And I think that there's far too much emphasis placed on women to always be okay. Don't feel anything. And that's just not true. Feeling is a part of who we are. It's our expression. It's the way our body speaks to us, which is how our entire soul essence speaks to us. It's how we know ourselves. Just be who you are and express that in your post. 

This oil has been designed with all of this in mind. It is an alchemical vehicle for you to find yourself, to find that true deep connection with you, your heart, your womb, your power and in that - your freedom to be unleashed. It is an invitation to evoke all of that, through self discovery, self celebration and self pleasure. 

We hope you enjoy all that you evoke….


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