The Phenxx Woman

The Phenxx Woman

The Phenxx woman is a specific woman, she is here to usher in a new dawn. It is time. It is time she asked for more, demanded more and received more. She is ready. She is primed. She is here. The time is now. She knows who she is, and wants to keep learning and embracing that more. To have more and do less.

Phenxx's mission is: "To reimagine the world from a place of emotional freedom and self love, where women are supported in living joyously and freely at any time during their cycle.  To promote deeper understanding of menstrual cycles and democratize womb health and pleasurable living."

That means we want to be a positive and freeing force in the world.  To evoke an opening to healing, discovery and feminine ferocity, facilitating connection for women and those with XX chromosomes and their connective communities. We are all about creating without boundaries. And questioning what boundaries should and shouldn't exist in the world of femininity. 

Femininity is ferocious, wild, free and pure. It births, it creates, it destroys, it renews and it is as unique as there are women on this planet. Femininity isn't weak, but can be soft, sensual, flowing and quiet. It can be hard, warrior-like and protecting.

We are the leaders of tomorrow, here today. We are the unleashed and the unburdened. We are here to experience our pleasure, our joy, our love and to share that with the world as the most radical form of world-changing, paradigm-shifting feminism yet; A woman so free and in love with herself, she cannot be owned. She cannot be shamed. She cannot be silenced. She is Phenxx.

Rise Phenxx woman rise. Express your xx chromosomes and be their power, fully and wholly. Now.


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