Unlocking the Future of Clean Sleep: Discover Phenxx's Cooling Canvas with XX Anti-bac™ Technology

Unlocking the Future of Clean Sleep: Discover Phenxx's Cooling Canvas with XX Anti-bac™ Technology

In the quest for a healthier home, Phenxx is leading the charge with its revolutionary Cooling Canvas mattress and pillow protectors, infused with the groundbreaking  XX Anti-bac™ treatment. This isn't just another line of bedding treatment; it's a leap towards ensuring long-lasting cleanliness and comfort in the most intimate part of our lives - where we rest.

The Menace Lurking in Textiles

Textiles, by their very nature, are perfect breeding grounds for microorganisms. These unseen invaders are responsible for a host of undesirable outcomes, from the unpleasant odors that greet us despite regular washing, to the color degradation and deterioration that shorten the lifespan of our beloved fabrics. Enter Phenxx's  XX Anti-bac™ treatments - a beacon of innovation in the textile industry.

The  XX Anti-bac™ Solution: A Shield of Protection

Phenxx's  XX Anti-bac™ technology is not just a treatment; it's a guardian for both natural and synthetic fibers. It employs a covalent "lock and bond" mechanism, creating a durable, persistent shield that offers long-term protection. This isn't just about surface-level cleanliness; it's about embedding a layer of defense that stays strong, wash after wash.


The Cooling Canvas® is treated with an longstaying XX Anti-bac™ technology, which bonds to the surface of the Cooling Canvas®. XX Anti-bac™ technology is in charge of destroying bacteria and microbes through a mechanical (not chemical) process. That means it can neve wash out and it can never be used up, because it is the inherent property of the antibacterial embedded in the fibres that destroys these microbes, bacteria and dust mites.


Our XX Anti-bac™ technology penetrates and terminally destroys delicate cell membranes of bacterial and fungal organisms for good. Because we don't disable organisms by the use of toxic chemicals, instead rupturing the cell wall through molecular spikes, the cell crumbles under its own hydrostatic pressure, which results in both immediate and terminal disintegration of the cell. Meaning you worry less about the nasties, and focus on a restful, deep sleep each and every night.


Our XX Anti-bac™ technology is vegan, chemical-free, toxin-free and contains no metal ions, such as silver or nano-silver, meaning there is zero run off that could harm any environments or waterways, like with silver ion treatments that leach and stop working after a few washes. Our XX Anti-bac™ tech is derived from sweet smelling coconut plants and is the most human, animal and planet friendly antimicrobial because it doesn't leach, pollute or deplete over time.


All products in the Cooling Canvas® range are treated with XX Anti-bac™ technology.


Environmentally Conscious Innovation

In an era where environmental responsibility is paramount, Phenxx stands out. The XX Anti-bac™ boasts a zero discharge of hazardous chemicals (ZDHC), making them a friendlier choice for our planet. But the benefits don't stop at just being better for the environment.

Odor Control and Beyond

With a 99.99% reduction in bacteria, even after 50 washes, the Cooling Canvas® range offers unmatched odor control. This high-performance feature ensures that your bedding remains fresh, inviting, and, most importantly, clean. And with proven effectiveness against 99.99% of bacteria, even after extended wash cycles, the promise of cleanliness is not just a claim; it's a proven fact. Most mattress protectors claim they come with an antimicrobial with odour control, but it will wash out or decrease its effectiveness after 50 washes, or it will not be able to be washed on hot, meaning its effectiveness after a hot wash will greatly diminish or stop.

The Convenience of Durability

The soil-resistant features of  XX Anti-bac™ not only make the Cooling Canvas easier to wash but also mean that they can be worn more between wash cycles, saving water and energy. This convenience does not compromise on safety, as the antifungal properties of  XX Anti-bac™ are proven to inhibit fungal growth over long periods, ensuring your bedding is not just clean, but healthily so.

A Kinder Approach to Antimicrobial Protection

Phenxx's commitment to a healthier environment and safer product is evident in every aspect of the Cooling Canvas® line. Unlike many antimicrobial products that rely on harmful chemicals or compounds such as triclosan, thiabendazole, or silver ions, which are known for their leaching properties, Phenxx's  XX Anti-bac™ technology stands apart. These traditional methods not only pose environmental and health risks as they deplete, leaving surfaces unprotected from microbial infestation, but they also contribute to the growing concern of chemical pollution. There are so many Instagram famous brands selling these kinds of products for expensive prices that after a few months of use, or less than 50 washes (ie less than a year of use), you will no longer be able to benefit from those antimicrobial effects, and it will be no better than a product with no antimicrobial. It is so important to read the fine print on products and understand how long your protection will last and how much you are paying for temporary protection.

The Non-Leaching, Sustainable Choice

 XX Anti-bac™ technology is a non-leaching, non-depleting polymatrix that remains on the textiles, ensuring continuous protection without raising environmental or safety concerns. This innovative approach means that the antimicrobial properties of your Cooling Canvas® products are not washed away or diminished over time, providing persistent, long-term protection that you can trust.

Moreover,  XX Anti-bac™ contains a US EPA registered antimicrobial and is an approved application of Oeko-Tex™, a testament to its safety and environmental friendliness. Oeko-Tex™ is a registered trademark of the International Association for Research and Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology, and this certification underscores Phenxx's dedication to not only meeting but exceeding international standards for textile safety and sustainability. This registration is relevant and important to Australian consumers as well given the Australian EPA and Australian TGA follows the US EPA and US FDA closely.

Independently Tested, Universally Trusted

Phenxx doesn't just make claims about the effectiveness and safety of its products; it ensures that these claims are backed by rigorous scientific evidence. All our solutions, including the  XX Anti-bac™ treatments, have been independently lab tested and verified to Australian and international standards. This level of transparency and commitment to quality is what sets Phenxx and its Cooling Canvas® range apart in the marketplace.

Embracing a Future of Clean, Sustainable Living

The Cooling Canvas® with  XX Anti-bac™ technology is more than just a product; it's a statement. A statement that clean, comfortable, and safe sleep environments should not come at the expense of our planet's health. It's a testament to Phenxx's vision of integrating cutting-edge technology with environmental stewardship to create products that not only enhance our lives but also protect the world we live in.

In a world where the choices we make have far-reaching impacts, choosing Cooling Canvas® is a step towards a cleaner, greener, and healthier future. Experience the difference with Phenxx's innovative approach to antimicrobial protection, and rest easy knowing you're part of a larger movement towards sustainable living.

Phenxx's Cooling Canvas® represents the pinnacle of innovation in textile protection, offering a safer, more sustainable option for consumers who care about the environment and their health. With its non-leaching  XX Anti-bac™ technology, commitment to safety, and rigorous testing, Phenxx is setting new standards in the industry, proving that it's possible to enjoy modern conveniences without compromising on environmental values.


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