What products are in the Cooling Range now open for pre-sale?

What products are in the Cooling Range now open for pre-sale?

What products does Phenxx offer?

Phenxx will launch with a new cooling range ideal for anybody who is hot in bed. Originally created for women experiencing perimenopause or menopausal symptoms, the launch range includes the Cooling Canvas® Mattress, Cooling Canvas® Pillow, and Thermocool™ pillows.

  1. The Phenxx Cooling Canvas® Mattress is an innovative protector that fits securely around your mattress to care for your skin and bed, without compromise. It is cool to the touch and designed for thermoregulation through perimenopause and menopause, featuring an absorbent and moisture wicking Skin-Safe Layer, a breathable, hypoallergenic and fast-acting evaporative filter that ensures your skin remains dry throughout the night. It is made with Phenxx’s AntiFlush Technology, Antimicrobial and Anti-Dustmite properties, and is endorsed and certified by the Eczema Foundation and Sensitive Skin (Asthma Foundation) Australia.

  1. The Phenxx Cooling Canvas® Pillow is a twin pack of cooling pillow protectors that helps to reduce hot flushes and night sweats through Phenxx's Cooling Threads™and AntiFlush™ technology. These pillow protectors also have additional skin benefits, made with naturally derived antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, fungus and pathogens including acne-causing bacteria.

  1. The Phenxx Thermocool™ pillows use globally renowned Reactex® cooling technology, scientifically designed to keep hot women cool in bed. The Reactex® technology works like a central air cooling system and pulls heat from your body and stores it deep in the pillow. These are body-pressure-activated, meaning as your head sinks into the pillow, the cooling activation begins and is proven to be in full effect within just eight seconds. Ideal for women suffering hot flushes or night sweats caused by perimenopause or menopause, the Phenxx Thermocool™ pillows are available in four tailored designs to suit any sleep style, including the Contour, Side Sleeper, Back Sleeper, and Adjustable - the all-rounder pillow. 


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