When strong women rise up

When strong women rise up

The truth is that self love is hard and it takes work and you don't always get it right. 

Phenxx draws on phoenix energy which is about renewal, and as menstruators, birthers, menopausers, we are renewing every month, every season and over our lifetime. It is a process and it is real, raw, painful, uncomfortable and inconvenient. There is mess and stress. There is life. 

Women - it is time we claim that inner truth of the power of our blood. It is power. It is potency. It is raw and it is real. Claiming our time to bleed and our time to stop bleeding as equally beautiful, but marking different times in our lives that need different parts of our selves and different tools and options to make this time joyful, pleasurable and easy.


We never speak of or think of our womanhood as being enjoyable. Easy or joyful. To live an entire life with burden, mess, pain and work. To be a woman has meant to hold so much in silence. To hold so much as taboo. Secret. Unsaid.

We have been raised by a society that wants us to be small, compliant, silent and smiling. For our own survival we smile during discomfort, we laugh off harassment, we bite our tongue and swallow our words. No more. 

Women, it’s time we asked for more. More options, more time, more support, more energy, more vitality. It’s time our needs, our bodies and our health are prioritised. 

When strong women rise up in their phenxx energy, they can do more than they thought possible. This is about building a world of rising women who speak truth. 

Establish a new way of being from which all can truly benefit. No one can resist this blade of truth.

Women, now is the time to stop our smallness.  It is our choice to use our voice, even when it cracks and squeaks, and even when we are scared. Because when we come together, united and speak as one, our voices are strong and loud.

It is when a woman says no with her whole voice, and her whole body, and instead voices and demands her desires - that the world will change. 


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