Who needs a protector?

Who needs a protector?

Phenxx is derived from phenotype; The observable characteristics in an individual resulting from the expression of genes. XX is for the double XX chromosomes. Phenxx is all about the individual self expression of who you are as a person with XX chromosomes. 

When we were designing the canvas, we focused on the creator. A woman bleeds because she is a creator. Her blood is her artist's paint to express and create that month something extraordinary. It is her Canvas and she expresses herself in her truth, just as she is.  

We started asking about the name protector. The mattress is being protected against something. The sleeper? The woman? The mess she makes? The blood she spills? The sweat that soaks the sheets in the night?

It is subtle, and at first we don't always notice these kinds of constructs in the world. But it was yet another way in which women were being shamed into wrongness. 

The sign of your menstrual blood on your mattress is a stain, it is wrong, gross, and disgusting. The internet tells us so. Please don't show us your blood. It is banned. It is gross. It is unhygienic.

The urine leaks from menopausal incontinence are embarrassing and gross. Are you a child?

The sheets soaked in sweat from the perimenopausal hot flushes, which make you wonder if you took a shower in your sleep and returned to sleep before drying yourself, are weird and yuck.

We are so tired of the world telling us we should be embarrassed because of our XX life.  No more. Enough!

The mattress needs to be protected from you and your terrible stains. 

Does it?

The mattress doesn't need protection from her. She is not the problem - she never was. She shouldn't contort and restrict herself, limit her sleep to prioritise the mattress. She is the creator. She is the power. 

So, we created a product that was more resilient, unfailing and more capable than anything on the market, but that was soft, delicate and luxurious; just like her. 

When designing our hero product line, the Canvas™ we had to undo centuries of shame, taboo, shadow and patriarchy about the cycles of a woman so that we could see her in her truth, in her strength and in her power. 

The sleep gap is yet another area of life where women aren't equal. She isn't sleeping peacefully, soundly, or deeply because the bedding is not designed for her feminine needs at every stage of her cycle.

The Phenxx Canvas™  changes all of that.

You don't need a mattress protector. You need a champion for your sleep, rest and reinvigoration.

You need a champion of your feminine needs so that you can take on the world, be who you came here to be and challenge the notion that any part of you is wrong, shameful or to be hidden.

You aren't looking for a protector in your life, you know exactly what you are capable of achieving. So you need the same in your bedding.


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