Women, it’s time we asked for more.

Women, it’s time we asked for more.

Women, it’s time we asked for more. More options, more time, more support, more energy, more vitality. It’s time our needs, our bodies and our health are prioritised. 

At Phenxx, we affirm that by prioritizing womb health and related symptoms, women can lead healthful, energised and joyful lives. 

We want to reconnect women with their bodies and to feel a sense of ease at the time of their period, not a sense of dread, discomfort or exhaustion. Not inhibited by their cycle, but free. Free to be intimate, free from shame, free to sleep uninterrupted from fear of leaks and free to live their lives without extra work of cleaning up mess. 

We, Phenxx, are here to create content, tools and products to support women in living a free, feminine and energised life.  Championing comfort, luxury and a state of ease as a natural way of life. 

As such, all Phenxx products are invested with love, fuelled by science and realised by technology.  

Our signature period bedding has been designed with women’s health, womb needs and vitality in mind. 

Our leading product, the Phenxx mattress canvas is a first of its kind, multi-layered, luxurious canvas with unique technologies that combine to prevent mattress damage from leaks, spills, bodily fluid and blood.  All while keeping your skin healthy and allowing you to sleep soundly, irrespective of your menstrual flow or physical and emotional desires.   

With Phenxx, women have more options to support them throughout their menstrual cycle and busy lives. No need to double up on sanitary items, no need to do extra loads of washing, no need to inhibit life.  Doing less, having more. 

We will continue to shine a spotlight on women’s health, prioritizing new ways of living  to enhance  women’s vitality. Working with inventors, creators and advocates to tell a new story about our potential when we are supported fully and we have real options that improve our lives.

Phenxx is here to redirect the narrative on women’s menstrual health. Living without shame, we can be  free and in-flow with our feminine cycle. 





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