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in bed?

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If you’re between roughly 30 and 55, you might be one of the hottest women in Australia.

Congratulations. But it’s not easy being hot.

It’s not easy because we feel kind of shitty a lot of the time, and that’s made worse because perimenopausal and menopausal women are told that feeling kind of shitty is inevitable, that we should just accept our fate.

And having a baby? Sweats, milk leaks and feeling HOT not featured in the Insta reel, but totally real.

We won’t take that lying down.

We’re launching a series of luxury products that ensure, if nothing else, you’re sleeping well enough to live the life of your dreams.

Your life is yours to create. And just because we’re condescended to and patronised about our years into menopause, and that’s the way it’s been for generations, that doesn’t mean we have to just tolerate being uncomfortable all the time. Bodies change, but with Phenxx, you’ll be the same woman you were yesterday, and you’ll be her again tomorrow. (Except maybe more productive, because you’ve had a good night’s sleep.)

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Put menopause myths to bed.

We spend over 26 years of our lives in bed.

Bed is a sanctuary, it is nurturing, it is nourishing. It’s what we turn to when we’re feeling low, and where we go to feel good.

At every stage of our lives, bed is home. Safe.

And it’s especially important for those of us going through menopause. When we’re feeling hot, the Phenxx Cooling Canvas® is like the cold side of the pillow, for your whole body.

Wait, want a Cooling Pillow? We've got them too!

Coming in 2024 Cooling Canvas


Designed for thermoregulation through peri/menopause.
Cool to Touch
Our permanent Cooling Threads have the power to cool even the hottest of sleepers while keeping the sleep surface cool throughout the night.
Absorbant & Moisture wicking
Skin-Safe Layer, a breathable, hypoallergenic, fast-acting evaporative filter that ensures your skin remains dry.
Stain & Spill Barrier
3 tiers of innovative technology that combine to prevent mattress damage typically caused by blood, sweat, and tears. And more besides.
Dust Mite & Allergen barrier
Endorsed and certified by the Eczema Foundation and Sensitive Skin (Asthma Foundation) Australia.
The Luxury Layer
A quilted tier, cushions the body to add comfort and eliminate rustling sounds when moving.

Ok, sleeping beauty

Time for you to get your head down. You’ve earned it. Sweet dreams.


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