Simple ways to celebrate your period and change your monthly outlook

Simple ways to celebrate your period and change your monthly outlook

Modern society does not celebrate periods as much as they should! 

I know this is controversial as periods can (not for everyone or even every month… but, yeah kinda overall…) suck! The cramps, the bloating, the raging hormones. It is all a LOT!

But in retrospect it’s fascinating. Women internally bleed and survive. Our womb undergoes renewal every month. Yet we survive. It’s about time we stopped dreading our time of the month and started worshipping our womb. 

So how do we do that? How do we get periods to work in our favour as our superhero ally?

So many religious and cultural beliefs view periods as something “unclean”, women have been cast out during this time for millennia… kind of about the time the patriarchy started. Hmmm, could it be a coincidence?  

Before the patriarchy, oh yeah, there was a time before the patriarchy and guess what things for women were way better then. Let's have a little herstory lesson at how a world made for women, was - well you know, made for women. Women would support each other in all major rites of passage from menarche (a woman's first rite of passage into womanhood, when she starts menstruation) every monthly menstruation, birth, post birth and then into her transition to Crone, or sacred mother or what we call menopause today.

Originally women retreated during their cycle to independently heal through vivid visions and self love. There were rituals and tributes made at this time to open up each menstruating woman not only to the Divine wisdom available to her at this sacred connection, but also to celebrate her fertility and womanness. This was a collective norm which all women gathered together to witness and pause around, menstruation was applauded and respected [1]. 

In present society, it’s time we recognise the power of our periods and start treating her with some love. This includes: 

Experience a yoni steam

Yoni steams is an ancient healing practice that originated from the classical period in Greece to Asian countries. This practice was viewed as an act of self love and helped women heal damaged tissue [2]. 

The yoni steams allow women to feel connected to our female body and the uterus. Due to childbirth, unsatisfying sexual encounters and trauma. However, yoni steams are particularly useful prior to periods, assisting with releasing emotions and balancing hormones creating a comfortable period. Although holistic health practitioners provide yoni steams, Do-It-Yourself yoni steams have become remarkably popular. Especially if you're on a budget. 

In a medium pot, pour 8 cups of water. Place ¼ of dried herbs* into the water. Avoid using essential oils as this may burn genital tissue. Bring water to boil for 5 minutes. Turn off the heat and steep for another 5 minutes. Test the temperature to ensure it is comfortable to steam with. Pour half of the water into your bowel and place it in the toilet. Remove under wear and sit above the steaming water. Place a blanket or sheet around your waist to avoid steam from escaping. There should be warmth for around 10-12 minutes. When steam cools down, dump water into the toilet. Begin the process again with leftover water. If the water has cooled, reheat and test the temperature again. [3] 

Freebleed overnight 

Bleeding without protection can be incredibly liberating and can cause shamanic dreaming to occur [1]. To allow these effects to occur, Phenxx bedding can help you experience free bleed without the stress of staining your mattress. The Phenxx Canvas is extremely absorbent, soaking up both light to heavy flows. Once awakened from your slumber, soak the sheets in water to collect your blood and present it to the earth. We honour our ancestors and the life they lived. Through this connection of menstrual blood, your appreciation displays how you came from prior women. You are thankful for the privilege of being created. Additionally, you are also appreciating mother earth as without her, humans would simply not exist. From this experience you are able to ask for restoration, healing and love for your womb. 

Making Love 

A woman during her period is vulnerable, shedding and sensitive, when she participates in sexual activities with her beloved partner, the bond between individuals increases [3]. By allowing your partner to access you during a raw state, there must be a sense of trusting and love. Mixing both the physical and emotional aspects, this creates the perfect concoction of an intense orgasm. This is due to the hormonal fluctuations occurring during your period, creating heightened sensations. 

If you're thinking, “My period cramps are too intense to have sex”, this may actually be the time to experiment and  participate. Being involved in this adventure can alleviate period cramps due to the release of endorphins. Goodbye period pain. Add in a sprinkle of aftercare to continue the emotional bond, you could go from feeling bloated to floating on cloud nine. 

* Depending on the reason for the yoni steam, herbs can be implemented for desired effect. For menstrual cycles, herbs such as rosemary assists with circulation of old fluids and blood. This herb also contains antibacterial and antifungal properties. Basil provides cleaning and deep heating to the pelvis [4]. Motherwort is an all purpose herb, assisting in cramping and infections [5]. 

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