Sleeping Hot? Discover the Best Bedding Options for Hot Sleepers

Sleeping Hot? Discover the Best Bedding Options for Hot Sleepers

Are you tired of waking up in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat? If you're a hot woman in bed, we know exactly the kind of menopausal heat you are combatting. Finding the right bedding can make a world of difference in helping you get a restful night's sleep. The good news is, Phenxx's Cooling Collection has been designed exactly for women who are hot in bed and want a great night sleep. 

When has sleeping hot ever sounded so good?!

In this article, we will explore how we designed and made the best bedding options for hot sleepers like you, ensuring you get the cool and comfortable sleep you deserve. Our Cooling Collection includes our Cooling Canvas mattress protector, Cooling Canvas Pillow Protector and Thermocool Cooling Pillows. Our Cooling Canvas is made from natural breathable fabrics known as our Cooling Threads™ made from natural fibres that have amazing moisture-wicking capacities 10 times more absorbent than cotton and is made with our Anti-Flush™ technology that is cool to the touch and able to keep you cool all night long while you are naturally moving and shifting in bed.

Our Cooling Pillows are pressure activated and when you rest your head, they will extract heat from your head and remove it from the body, to keep you cool and thermoregulated for 8 hours or more! 

Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to a refreshing, cool sleep. Let's dive into the world of Phenxx bedding options for hot women sleepers to help you find the perfect match for your unique feminine needs.

Understanding the issue of sleeping hot is to understand why our Phenxx ladies are hot in bed. Hot sleeping is a common issue that affects almost every perimenopausal and menopausal woman going through this transition.

So, why do menopausal women sleep hotter than a jalapeño on a summer day?

Blame it on the hormonal party crashers, estrogen and progesterone. Back in the day, these hormones were the VIPs, keeping your body temperature in check like a badass thermostat. But oh no, menopause decides it's time to throw a hormonal rave. Estrogen takes a nosedive, leaving the temperature control squad short-staffed.

Now, without enough oestrogen to regulate the heat, your body goes into panic mode. It's like your internal AC system just flipped you off and went on vacation. Cue the night sweats and the "I need a pool of ice in my bedroom" vibes.

But that's not all – there's a rebel group of hormones, like cortisol and adrenaline, joining the party. These troublemakers can spike in the wee hours, turning your peaceful night into a hot mess of insomnia and tossing and turning. It's like being at the world's worst rave - hot, sweaty, suffocating, lots of turning, but instead of cool moves, you're just trying to find a cool spot to catch some sleep. 

But ok, let's get into the vasomotor science for real – the spicy sidekick of menopause that turns your body into a heatwave superhero. Imagine this: you're minding your own business, and suddenly, boom! Your body decides it's time for a hot flash fiesta.

Vasomotor symptoms are like the rockstars of menopause – they bring the heat, literally. It's a sensation that starts from the depths of your being and surges up like a volcano erupting. Your face transforms into a human thermometer, giving bystanders a front-row seat to the grand spectacle of your internal fireworks show.

Now, here's the science behind the hot flash party. Your blood vessels decide to go wild, dilating and causing a rush of blood to the surface. It's like they're throwing a bash and inviting everyone – especially the heat – to join in. Your skin becomes a disco ball, radiating warmth like it's auditioning for a tropical vacation commercial.

But the best part? The unpredictability. Vasomotor symptoms don't RSVP; they just crash the party whenever they feel like it. Hot flash in the middle of a business meeting? Check. Sweating like you just ran a marathon while watching TV? Double check. 2am with the window open and the air con blasting and you are lying there feeling like you are actually on fire? Check check and check!

Oh and don't even bother to complain or tell your children or husband or colleagues about it. You know the number of tickets to the one woman menopause challenge show is just not selling! So what do you do when you are on fire, can't sleep and feel like your entire life is spiraling out of control?

Well we might not be able to help you with the spiral, but we can sure as damn well help you get a good night's sleep which will go a long way to helping with the rest.

Alright, listen up – when it comes to battling the inferno of sleeping hot, your bedding choices are like the superheroes of slumber. We're talking about materials that are not just comfy but also scream "cool vibes only." It's all about breathability, moisture-wicking, and the ultimate temperature regulation to rescue you from the fiery depths of discomfort.

Investing in the right bedding is like building your own personal chill zone. Imagine a utopia where you're not sweating like you just finished a marathon in your sleep. So, let's break it down – why settle for a hot mess when you can have a cool, refreshing haven?

Now, if your mattress is playing it hot and heavy, fear not! Introducing Phenxx's Cooling Canvas cooling mattress protector – the caped crusaders of extra coolness. These bad boys (or girls?) add an extra layer of coolness, regulating your body temperature like a sleep superhero.

First up, let's talk about the MVPs of cooling bedding materials. Ever heard of Tencel? It's like the eco-friendly superhero of fabrics, made from wood pulp. This stuff is a moisture-wicking wizard, ensuring you stay dry and cool all night. Plus, it feels like a luxurious dream on your skin. Who knew bedtime could be this fancy?

Phenxx's Cooling Canvas has been woven with our own Cooling Threads™ which feature, you guessed it, the Queen of Cool, Tencel. By blending our signature Cooling Threads™ with our AntiFlush™engineered fabric solution, you will get to experience a Cooling mattress protector that has been specifically designed to cool even the hottest of sleepers, ahm, yes that's you my dear!

These Cooling Canvas mattress protectors not only keep things cool but also shield your mattress from spills, stains, and allergens. They are treated with our XX Antibac Technology that destroys 99.99% of allergens, mites, bacteria, mould, fungus and microbes. Wow. Skin protection and Cooling - Double win!

Not only do we make this revolutionary product as a cooling mattress protector (right here in Melbourne Australia - just a small flex about how we are keeping jobs in Australia and reducing carbon miles on all our products…) we also make this available for pillow protectors too, so that you can keep your head and neck just as comfortable.

But wait, there's more! Our Thermocool memory foam pillows infused with cooling tech from Reactex, are here to save the day. They're like the James Bond of sleep – providing pressure relief, conforming to your body, and banishing heat to the fiery depths where it belongs. These pillow actually pull out the heat from your head within 8 seconds of your head hitting the pillow. That is some fast working cool down tech! The more that you put your head in the pillow the more it activates. Meaning, it keeps you asleep through its night long cooling power.

Now, let's talk sheets and pillowcases. Linen, my friends, is the breathable maestro of bedtime. It lets the air flow freely, keeping you as cool as a cucumber. And who doesn't want to feel a touch of luxury while catching those ZZZs? Our linen sheets are handwoven. Why is that important? Well aside from the fact that they are ethically produced and all our loomers receive 3 times the minimum wages for their work, giving them a living wage to live on with dignity and opportunity, it is because our linen sheets have around double the breathability of machine made or mass produced linen. That means our linen sheet sets and duvet covers are more breathable and cooling than anything you can buy in a big box department store mass producing in China. Plus - hello, HAND MADE linen sheets? What a total dream (dreams are not guaranteed but they are the ultimate goal!)

So, wherever you are my hot beautiful sleeper, it's time to bid farewell to those frustrating, sweaty nights. Say hello to the cool and comfortable sleep haven you deserve. Dive into the world of Phenxx's cooling collection. Find a cooling mattress protector that practically breathes. Add a splash of cool with our Cooling Canvas. Wrap yourself in our breathable linen sheets and pillowcases due to be released in 2024. And top it off with our Cooling Pillows that pull out heat and keep you cool all night long.


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