Phenxx ascended...

Phenxx ascended...

Phenxx ascended. Born from an intuitive calling to not settle for solutions, ideas, restrictions, and old womb-related rhetoric that had gone before. 

Created from experience: My personal journey of unlearning limiting messages and pained while I witnessed women struggle with their own bodies and cycles, was at odds with my innate beliefs of trusting in our bodies and the womb’s healing wisdom/womb intelligence.  I also discovered that these stories are not unique and actually a mirror of universal stories and feelings. 

Across every nation, I learned of the unseen and unspoken limitations and varying levels of pain and shame experienced from periods, endometriosis, fibroids, and fertility. Each is addressed with a mix of womb shackles prescribed, invasive solutions, or instructions to accept extra maintenance acts. Towels, stay indoors, say no more. 

So Phenxx came into being. A space where we work through the feminine principle of exploration focussed on how people with uteruses can live with more feel-good, more pleasure, and more freedom in their lives. We’re building solutions with loving kindness.

Unabashed by the taboo and living with nature’s truth of a menstruating planet, 

I am inspired by the body’s intuitive wisdom and fuelled by curiosity to find new ways of womb-centric living - it’s a soul knowing that I dedicate my life to. Committed to creating and facilitating more knowledge, understanding and spaces for women to explore their pleasure. A blend of practical invention and delight. 

I firmly believe that the full knowledge of womb wisdom is impossible not to live by once it’s understood. It just can’t be unseen.

With love, I hope to share and build on this learning through genuine, heartfelt products and content that bring this to light. It’s an invitation to reconsider what’s accepted.


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