What does Phenxx think about sustainability?

What does Phenxx think about sustainability?

 Are Phenxx products sustainable? 

Wherever possible, Phenxx uses recycled and recyclable materials in its products and packaging and wherever possible we procure locally to reduce our carbon impact. Phenxx’s entire Cooling Canvas® range is manufactured in Melbourne, Australia and all our packaging is made here in Australia.

All Phenxx materials and packaging is offset through Phenxx’s planting and carbon offset program. We are moving through our B Corp certification process that can take up to 12 months and are working with their team to ensure that every single one of our business practices adhere to these rigorous protocols and standards. We are ensuring every touch point of the company is considered from a whole-of-life perspective. We also work closely with textile recycling companies to provide our customers with recycling and upcycling avenues for Phenxx products at end of life.


What is Phenxx’s stance on sustainability when it comes to ethical and fair trading?

Sustainability isn't just about the environment although that is a huge focus for us as well. At Phenxx, ESG is fundamental to our business. This includes the sustainable support of our supply chain, and supporting all hands that touch our product through ethical, transparent and fair treatment. 

We know every hand that will make our products. This makes a huge difference in ensuring anti-slavery, ethical and fair trading for the long-term sustainability of our company, artisans, and weavers/sewers.

We are also highly sensitive to the long-term sustainability of women's rights, wellbeing and health outcomes. We work with weaver-owned cooperatives directly, paying them up to 3 times the wages they would be paid in unfair and unethical conditions. We make sure that each and every woman who works with us receives a living wage and fair and equitable treatment. We have a team in India who manages this process and ensures the highest quality of workmanship, but also of fair working conditions are upheld. The treatment of the hands that make our products is highly important to us for so many reasons. 

Firstly, we support women's lives to be easier, without compromise. That means all women and all lives. Everywhere.

Secondly, we know that happy hands make beautiful products. Beautiful products ensure the energy contained within the product feels good and you can feel the time and care taken to weave or sew our products by hand.

Thirdly, when businesses say that they can do better, they should. Every business everywhere can do better and must.


Finally Phenxx makes social impact through our research partnerships. By investing today into research and solutions, we are building towards a longer-term, sustainable future for women's health, vitality and optimised living from a female-first, uterine health perspective.  We work with and fund laboratories and research hubs focussed on uterine health and solutions. We will publish more about this research in the years to come.


How is Phenxx making a positive social impact?

Phenxx believes in a future where cutting- edge, technological advancements in women's health are prioritised. To help achieve this, Phenxx donates 1% of profit to fund scientific research and technology solution development into uterine health via its accredited partner laboratories and research hubs in gynepathology in Australia and the US. Your purchase of any Phenxx products directly funds research into women's health. 


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