Why does the world need the Phenxx Canvas Range?

Why does the world need the Phenxx Canvas Range?

When Phenxx created the Canvas we knew we needed to celebrate and accommodate everything that a woman or someone with xx chromosomes does in bed. She sleeps, she makes love, she relaxes, she heals, she bleeds, sometimes she pees, she feeds, she drinks, she snuggles with humans and pets. She is human in bed. She makes mess. Life makes mess.

Why does her bed need to protect itself from her? There is no wrongness in her. There is nothing to protect from.

We knew we had to think differently about how women sleep and what they need to enhance their sleep to live a life of vitality. So we had to change the way we designed it and what its use was. As a result, we had to change the name in order to redefine the ultimate feeling of the mattress protector. We looked at it from a female-first perspective and that led us to asking interesting questions about its deeper design. Does your bed really need protection from you? 

We wondered how to redesign a mattress protector to remove the ostracisation of women from society, seeing her period as a stain to be avoided and hidden, while also creating a product that would enhance her sleep, comfort and rest. Allowing her to do less and have more.

The way protectors have been designed has placed the bed as more important and the woman as secondary. The importance of protecting the bed and avoiding stains and mess from her has solidified that her blood is dirty, wrong, and that we need protection from it. 

We wanted to invite women to develop a deeper understanding of their bodies and to feel a sense of ease at the time of their period, not a sense of dread, discomfort or exhaustion. Not inhibited by their cycle, but free. Free to be intimate, free from shame, free to sleep uninterrupted from fear of leaks and free to live their lives without extra work of cleaning up mess. 

Our Canvas has been designed with women’s health, womb needs and vitality in mind. It draws on the inspiration of the phenotype; to be your own individual expression of who you are, and the phoenix, of rising up to claim your true and whole self, exactly as you are. 

This canvas is yours to express yourself on. They aren't stains, they are a masterpiece of who you are and your body's incredible power to shed that which is no longer necessary. 

Our leading product, the Phenxx mattress canvas is a first of its kind, multi-layered, luxurious canvas with unique technologies that combine to prevent mattress damage from leaks, spills, bodily fluid and blood.  All while keeping your skin healthy and allowing you to sleep soundly, irrespective of your menstrual flow or intimate play time or hot nights.

Phenxx is here to redirect the narrative on women’s health. Living without shame, we can be  free and in-flow with our feminine cycle. 


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